Can I Afford to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help Me?




It always saddens me to meet an accident victim who has a diminished quality of life due to injuries that they received months or years prior, but took no immediate action around the time of the accident to deal with their situation or to contact a lawyer. In some instances, they just were not able to afford continued treatment of their injuries, or their insurance company just did not provide them with necessary guidance and financial resources to help them get back on their feet. When they finally discuss their case with me, and I ask why they did not contact me sooner, I am often told — ” I was not sure I could afford to hire a lawyer to help me”.

If you have a good injury claim, you can absolutely afford to hire a lawyer.  Here is why.

If the accident was not your fault and, assuming there is insurance coverage available, provided your injuries are serious and you have suffered functional loss, we will be prepared to accept you as a client of the firm by way of contingency retainer.  What that means is that we will take a percentage of your settlement for our fees when your case settles.  That way, if you win, we win and if you lose, we lose. You will not be required to pay any money up front for our legal fees.  We will get paid when you get paid and so, we share the risk and the reward with you. In effect, we are in this together.

And by the way, if we take you on as a client under this arrangement, that is our endorsement of the strength and merits of your case. After all, if we guess wrong and your case does not settle, we won’t get paid and if we do that enough, we would not be in business for very long.

I have been doing personal injury law since 1979 and suffice it to say, I do not often get beat at what I do.
In summary, if you have a good personal injury case, we will provide you with access to an experienced trial lawyer who will be on your side, fighting for your rights and helping to level the playing field between you and the powerful insurance industry.

by Ashley Gnys, Personal Injury Lawyer| April 11, 2014|***

*** Grenier Law has a professional working relationship with Ashley Gnys Personal Injury Law and works together on specific personal injury claims where such a relationship will benefit the injured party.