Grenier Law does legal aid work and has considerable experience with the legal aid system in Ontario.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid Ontario is a not-for-profit corporation that provides legal aid services to low-income individuals in the province of Ontario through duty counsel, community legal clinics, public legal education, summary legal advice, alternative dispute resolution, self-help materials and legal representation under the ‘judicare’ model.

Legal issues that are covered by Legal Aid Ontario include matters involving domestic violence, family law, child custody, refugee and immigration hearings, and poverty law. Legal Aid Ontario also provides assistance in criminal cases where the accused faces a substantial likelihood of incarceration. As many offences are considered hybrid, that being the courts may decide to prosecute as either a summary or indictable offence, legal aid applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Gladue Reports

Monick Grenier  has a diverse complement of experiences pertaining to Aboriginal and Métis issues and spent seven years as a land claims researcher.  She has considerable experience and knowledge pertaining to Gladue Reports.

Gladue Reports document the unique background factors of Aboriginal accused that may have brought them into the court system. The report is considered by the judge during sentencing to support all alternatives to incarceration.

Gladue writers prepare reports for First Nation, Métis and Inuit accused at the request of defence counsel, Crown or judges at the sentencing stage of criminal matters. Reports are written for accused pleading or found guilty of an offence who face a jail sentence of 90 days or more for an out-of-custody client, or three additional months for an in-custody client. Gladue writers are Aboriginal and live within the communities they serve.

What is a Gladue Report ?

About The Gladue Decision